Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The White Man's Burden & Imperialism

1. He means, take up the experienced one’s concern with various things going on, such as war and powerful dynasties. Also, to hold one “half child half devil,” and to see the two-faces of a person, would be binding thou nature that has already set down into the world. You should trust the first “real” person you see and take on his problems. To “reap his old rewards” or to reveal his vast opinions would be taking a chance into reality and realizing the nationalism of all of the countries and the different monarchies between different leaders.

2. He justifies it by talking about how “to seek another's profit and work another's gain.” This suggests that it doesn’t matter how many powerful leaders or positions you have, in the end, you are working for everybody’s gain and/or profit. To “blame of those ye better” would suggest taking forward interest in here by blaming the leaders for what they had done before, therefore leading into nationalism and communism. Various powerful foreign countries prior the World War I, were going through the same thing that Kipling was describing in the sense of working for everybody around you and trying to find alliances that will eventually put you and your country on top. You cannot stoop down to somebody’s level, but at the same time, you cannot blame anybody for anything, because living in the situation of communism, everybody and everything is responsible for the same thing.

3. It would be appealing because it relates to every relevant thing that was happening. It had various effects on what Kipling was trying to say. The appealing is unique and grotesque because it is hidden behind a story. The real meaning is behind the fact that imperialism was quite vital to all of the participating countries at the break point of war. The appeal is quite strong because it is short and sweet and is easy to find beneath certain words.

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