Friday, December 17, 2010


  1. I have grown/changed in my visions to see what is possible and what is simply not. I have learned to open my mind to new things and be a leader as well as a follower. I have grown from being indecisive and realizing what really are my accomplishments and competitions. I have changed the way I think in the way of possibilities and what can happen. Compared to what I know now, and what I have seen, I knew absolutely nothing and hadn’t seen anything ever before.

  1. I am proud of my achievements and stability to gain composure. I feel as if I am proud of everything I have done in school, including DLC7. I am proud of being a leader, in my eyes. I am proud because I have come from “nothing”, to actually being something, again in my eyes. I had no idea what the real world was, until it was shown to me.

  1. The things that were most challenging for me, was being creative and trusting others ideas. I have always been loose and gone with MY ideas and MINE only. Projects and deadlines have been most challenging. Time management with reading. Even though these things have been very challenging, I have been able to pull through and get everything that I need to get done, on time.

  1. My favorite projects were those that were done with Keynote and Imovie. I like to stand up and present live projects and also public speak after I had been learning my topic. i.e. (TWIF). I do not like to have attention, when in a big crowd, but I like to stand out when public speaking. My favorite projects were the Stephen Crane projects.

  1. I hope for more projects that will show our abilities. I hope for another semester like the 1st