Thursday, February 17, 2011

OPTION 1/Literary Analysis of WWI

1. Russia. When approaching the 20th century, Russia was currently a vast but economically backwards and communist country. Nicholas II had complete control over the governments and economics, and most of the population was poor. Russia and it’s leader tried to make various alliances with Central Europian countries and to try to become superior over Great Britain. Russia at the time was the most dangerous to all of the other countries because of it’s water and geographic advantages. For more on Russia, please click here.

2. -
When my blood flows calm as a purling river,
When my heart is asleep and my brain has sway,
It is then that I vow we must part for ever,
That I will forget you, and put you away
Out of my life, as a dream is banished
Out of the mind when the dreamer awakes;
That I know it will be when the spell has vanished,
Better for both of our sakes.

When the court of the mind is ruled by Reason,
I know it wiser for us to part;
But Love is a spy who is plotting treason,
In league with that warm, red rebel, the Heart.
They whisper to me that the King is cruel,
That his reign is wicked, his law a sin,
And every word they utter is fuel
To the flame that smoulders within.

And on nights like this, when my blood runs riot
With the fever of youth and its mad desires,
When my brain in vain bids my heart be quiet,
When my breast seems the centre of lava-fires,
Oh, then is when most I miss you,
And I swear by the stars and my soul and say
That I will have you, and hold you, and kiss you,
Though the whole world stands in the way.

And like Communists, as mad, as disloyal,
My fierce emotions roam out of their lair;
They hate King Reason for being royal –
They would fire his castle, and burn him there.
O Love! They would clasp you, and crush you and kill you,
In the insurrection of uncontrol.
Across the miles, does this wild war thrill you
That is raging in my soul?
-Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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3. Russia has been a communist country for a long time, and it has had turning points on the people living there. Communism is where everything is ruled equally and this is exactly what this poem suggests. Piror to this war, Russia was striving to make various alliances so that Central Europian countries wouldn’t take over Russia. Communism here, comes into play by making sure that he Russian people will not turn on each other. Thou quote stated, “They would fire his castle, and burn him there.” This means that they would ALL love the power of what the king had, but would have to keep composure to continue under a monarchy, when one is really wishing for a communistic world. Thou quote stated, “Across the miles, does this wild war thrill you.” This suggests that the war between whoever you are fighting, is one against all in a world of imperialism. The entire poem justifies communism and holds various truths such as thou quote stated. The communists can relate to relate as through struggles of gaining everybody to realization. When you are in communism, you are not working for yourself, you are working for everybody. So is Russia. They are working for everybody living there to officially dominate the world, but in a very subtle way.


  1. Your introduction is very well written and very professional. It is also very informative and explanatory. I think that you found an un-obvious but strong connection from the poem to history. I think that your points were powerful and relevant to your point.

  2. It was organized well and very professional. You compared communism in Russia to what was going on at the time. There were many text connections too.