Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Self-Reflection Questions Reconstruction Debate

Self-Reflection Questions
Reconstruction Debate

1.  How did I feel during planning this presentation? Why did I feel this way?
a.  I felt time managed and was happy to get every thing done on time. I stressed about memorizing things, but everything turned out ok.
2.  How did I feel prior to presenting? Why did I feel this way?
a.  I felt nervous and worried. I knew that we had a good presentation but was worried about how long it was going to be and the opposing side.
3.  How did I feel while I was presenting? Why did I feel this way?
a.  I felt confident and feel like I fulfilled everything that I could to over succeed. I knew exactly what I was doing and what I was talking about.
4.  What did I personally do well?
a.  I personally public spoke well and fed my content in a persuadable way.
5.  What did not go as desired in this presentation?
a.  The length was not as desired and there were multiple glitches with the technology.
6.  On a scale from 1-10, how well do I think I understood the content? Explain.
a.  I understood the content about a 7, because there was a lot of content and my section wasn’t about the content. I understood the Proclamation of Amnesty well, because that is the part I did.
7.  How do I think my group members perceived me? Why do I think this?
a.  I think they perceived my content as being well and strong and a very strong presenter. I think this because they have told me.
8.  How do I think the 8th graders perceived me? Why do I think this?
a.  I think they really like my presenting and how I spoke, I think this because they told me.
9.  Knowing that I can only control how I act and react, if I could do this presentation again, what would I change about my actions to make it a more ideal experience?
a.  I would make my section longer with more content.
10.                What are my strengths in groups?
a.  In debates, I am a good presenter, and, in my perspective, a good leader. I work well with others.
11.                What areas do I need improvement?
a.  I need to improve on my pre-stressing accompanies, and not being nervous to go up and talk in front of people.
12.                What is the most important thing I learned about myself? Why is this so important?
a.  I learned about my strengths in public speaking. This is important because I never used to be able to public speak well, and now I feel satisfied.
13.                Are there any other things that I need to express?
a.  I need to express and except the fact that I need to not stress SO MUCH and gain composure.


  1. Tyera-
    This sounds just like me! I get very very nervous before speaking in front of a public group, but once I get it over with, I feel good about it! Now that I have had quite a bit of practice with it, I have noticed that I do not get as nervous. At the beginning of last year, I didn't have a very high confidence level, but if I know someone is there to back me up, I feel better about myself. You did very well content-wise, and with you voice. I had an insight to your personality through your presentation. You are a very strong presenter, and speaker.

  2. Tyera, you did a wonderful job presenting. Miss Bailin explained the adjustments you guys [seventh graders] had to make, and it really impressed me how well you transitioned. I also have trouble with public speaking. I'm still working on it, but your presentation inspired me to do better. I cannot wait to work with you in class! -Keara